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  1. WM meeting in Moscow?

    I’m not saying that primal instinct is the only things that shapes human’s decision making. I believe every human behaviour can be explained by 3 major factors that shape every civilization. 1)Primal instincts(Darwinism is part of this), 2)religion, and 3)social-political structure. I know very...
  2. WM meeting in Moscow?

    Religion and Darwinism are at two opposite ends of the spectrum. The idea of Darwinism refers to something primal and ingrained in our genetics. On the other hand, religion is a man-created mechanism used to govern other men and also to keep a certain set of morals within society. The two often...
  3. WM meeting in Moscow?

    I dont prejudice against anyone, that's just my take on why people act the way they do. Of course I could be wrong, perhaps people just want to hate for the sake of it, but i like to think there's a good reason for everything.
  4. WM meeting in Moscow?

    I think the logic or explanation for the hatred towards "fags" is a more primal instinct than anything else. Like all animals, our brain(or most brains) are naturally wired in a way so we process and react to situations in a way that favours the evolution process. Any kind of thinking or...
  5. WM meeting in Moscow?

    last guy on that video got jealous "what are you doing with my boyfriend blyat?!"
  6. CS:GO Video + Scorethread
  7. Funny Videos II

  8. great songs!
  9. Funny Videos II in mother-Russia, coke drink you!
  10. Funny Videos II driver causes multivehicle collision trying to avoid hitting a seagull. this seagull survived a few second later, a second seagull flies face on into the vehicle (0:11) really cant make this up :D
  11. Funny Videos II

    haha wtf
  12. Funny Videos II

  13. No More Room In Hell

    i only played it a few times tbh, and usually i ended up getting seperated from the main group and they couldn't find me again :D
  14. No More Room In Hell

    L4D2 too easy to be fun, NMRIH too hard to be fun imo. Dont know if they updated it since I played it years back with the ESEA guys but the objectives were unclear and it tooks ages to figure out what to do next by which time the hordes probably already got you
  15. great songs!