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  1. RESOLVED I got banned

    Hi KF, haw are you mate. Me, just now i am ok at the moment. I am happy with my almost newborn (6 monts) old duaghter and 3,5 years old son who are young and restless and what is most important they are healthy. I am glad that WM gays are still online with busy VIP server.
  2. RESOLVED I got banned

    Thx mate, yup i can understand that very well. I saw that when i returned from toilet a second before i was banned i have to say i would be very pissed of that too. see you
  3. RESOLVED I got banned

    Hello guys, its long time i was here last time :). I would like to ask you to unban me. i played today arround 21:30 under nick player on WM vip server. I have been banned because my 3 years old son killed whole team in fairfax residence immediately after map started during the time i was on...
  4. Enter your gamerids ingame

  5. Enter your gamerids ingame

    fly a jet or heli is only for patient people from start or to have sparing to be able to earn some improvements :P but it is a big fun and definitely agree that bf3 is maybe the game which replace swat4 for me but if i am thinking over it if swat4 will be alive i will play that awesome game...
  6. Welcome to Battlefield 3

    :P bf3 is finally the game which is not so fast like shity jumpy COD that means i am able to kill some1 and flying a jet is nice => for me only swat and now BF3 :)
  7. Sonny leaving WM..

  8. Only Noobs..

    i gonna return back to the topic a little TiTi was fired up (maybe) coz swat server is full of noobs. I have to say that part of this is coz of admining the server. 1) if members and admins all the time they play in server speak another languages then English but wanna others to speak only...
  9. Only Noobs..

    hm Titi try to play in ESA, MYT, or elswere no way all servers are full of noobs even noobs recruited from old swat players and especially morning early afternoon it is terrible everywhere and to say true that was one of reasons to play under different nickname otherwise i would have to kick...
  10. Owned by elf

    hey DG Chinese girl are nice at least some of them and friendly most of them but they dont speak english therefore man could not went with somewhere around to have fun and directly into .... they were to shy ;)
  11. Owned by elf

    lalala tralala
  12. hello gays

    i only wanna say ur all gays :P anyway there is a poll
  13. Anti recoil system don't work fine when a player is using a pepper gun

    i think SMAC is useful running or not anyway i am not sure that every lags are caused by markiemod :P my PC with 4xCP core AND 8GB RAM and GT8800 and 100Mb net has 15 - 35 in average and drops from 90 -> 5 -> 90 and does not take care if the server use MM or not or if my PCs has just been...
  14. Ban

    ban forever
  15. Ban

    therefore he was banned for longer time then 12 or 24 hours :D