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  1. Boyka

    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    Welcome to WM family bro :PepeHeart:
  2. Boyka

    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    When we accepted Pain, we really lowered our standards, so it's true, what Emo says: "you are WM material", because it's not hard to fit in anymore hahaha. --------------------------------------------- Welcome, bro! I am glad you have finally applied to join! :) <3
  3. Boyka

    Happy Birthday Linux!!!

    Brate, happy birthday <3
  4. Boyka

    ACCEPTED Hey Puncis! :)

    Therefore I wrote that haha
  5. Boyka

    ACCEPTED Hey Puncis! :)

    Good luck bro :PepeTopKek:
  6. Boyka

    Story Spam Game

  7. Boyka

    Happy birthday Pain!

    So many beautiful cakes for him and he couldn't have come to say thanks :rolleyes:
  8. Boyka

    Happy birthday Pain!

    Happy birthday bro!
  9. Boyka

    Happy Birthday Swed!!!

    Happy birthday, brother!
  10. Boyka

    PAPA is back

  11. Boyka

    Happy Birthday Rugi!

    Alles gute zum Geburtstag!
  12. Boyka

    Happy birthday Titinho!

    Titiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, happy birthday bro :))
  13. Boyka

    I just came to say Hello

    Ok bro, I am waiting for you :D
  14. Boyka

    I just came to say Hello

    zZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Hey gay, long time no see, ofc I remember you :D.. I came back after my leaving :P.. Do you have discord?
  15. Boyka


  16. Boyka

    Hi, I am Boyka and I am looking for some Asian stalker. I've heard you are the one? How can we...

    Hi, I am Boyka and I am looking for some Asian stalker. I've heard you are the one? How can we meet each other?
  17. Boyka

    Story Spam Game

    Once upon a time there was a donkey that was farting into Ceeee's mouth. Also, he wanted cock to dinner, but he couldnt afford one. Instead, he went to his grandma and asked some midgets to cook him a cockroach, marinated in poop. Ceeee still wishes the best for her breasts. The midgets were...
  18. Boyka

    I want to say HI

    Hey Pipe, welcome bro :)
  19. Boyka

    Happy Birthday EmoPig!

    I wish you all the best, bro. Here is some gypsy cake for you:
  20. Boyka

    Happy Birthday Pain

    hahahahaha emo.. Happy birthday bro!