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  1. CoD4 Section (or any other CoD version)

    Yeah I hope we can find a game where even swat4 and cod4 members can regroup in a bigger community !!
  2. IN PROGRESS Why not ?

    Hey, welcome to the forum, lets wait to some manager creates the poll, enjoy your stay meanwhile in server & forum!
  3. REJECTED Application

    Hi m8y, good luck in your application!!
  4. Happy Birthday Gumias!

    thank you m8ys!!
  5. I want to say HI

    Hey pipe welcome to the forum, hope u enjoy here

    Hi badtime u need to pass a nazi test to get in first, gl with it. Btw welcome m8y, gl in trial period
  7. Happy Birthday Pain

    happy dikday m8y
  8. REJECTED application for swat4

    Welcome forum and discord, hope applicattion goes good and you can help us in 1.0 vip and our server xD. See you on discord!!
  9. Happy Birthday 4!

    Hb amigo;)
  10. Heyos :)

    Welcome mate:)
  11. Hi friends

    Bienvenido amigo, nos vemos en el servidor ;)
  12. Its semi fixed :D

    gj krazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy;)
  13. Xfire off on Friday. Shutdown forever.
  14. Xfire off on Friday. Shutdown forever.

    oh no, now this... You are #2613 in queue
  15. 2015-2016 counting bet

  16. great songs!
  17. 2015 SWAT GAME!

    put me in but not at 100%, should format pc before to play :D

    I got too that mesh of guinness jetsongay
  19. Where is my nick "uGa" coming from?
  20. GYM Motivation!