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  1. Heeeeeeeeeeey

    I've been in WM for like 18 months lol. Hi I'm Marlboro :D
  2. Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas everybody :)
  3. Average WM member :P

    You don't even want to know how often I hear that -.-
  4. Hello From R.O.G.

    hey and welcome :)
  5. Average WM member :P

    Height: 184 Weight: 75 KG Age: 19 (08/05/95) Location: Hilversum, the Netherlands Occupation: Gymnastic teacher at a high school Sex: non-existent Religion: Atheist Orgin: Dutch, 0.1% German Skin colour: Caucasian Fat percentage: mhmm Sport: Football Penis Size: Can't think of anything funny ..
  6. Average WM member :P

    Am I the only one waiting for Alex to post on here?
  7. Heeeeeeeeeeey

    Fellow Dutchies are always welcome :) Nice to meet you, I'm the most in-active forum user in this clan :)
  8. Worldmafia Poker Night

    Awesome idea! It's a shame I can't play for shiet :D
  9. Hey Hell_Angel is here!

  10. What is your job?

    And professional jerk off.
  11. hey

    Wait... whuuut. I missed something.........
  12. Ciao

    welcome welcome.
  13. Hello

    Assuming the reason is correct ^ Cee/Alex will most likely follow up on this topic, helping you out.
  14. CS:GO Daily Deal - Only 2€! [Offer Expired]

    best. advice. ever.
  15. CS:GO Daily Deal - Only 2€! [Offer Expired]

    i bought csgo, i cant play it for shiet though, t33ch mehh
  16. claymores in the hardcore server

    To be honest, it should stay. You have the bomb squad perk which is there for a reason. Claymores are just part of the game. I don't like them either, but I think it's just better with them.
  17. hey

    Don't you have anything to do at 2.59 am .... stuff like sleeeep?
  18. Hello its V E N '<S

    Trying to break my neck? o.O Nice photos man, bet it was lovely to be there
  19. News! Servers & Plugins

    Go El gooo! :)