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  1. {TFF} Dungeon - fbaad9f9 & {TFF} Pr0_fi - 649b8680 Link to demo ^ Names: {TFF} Dungeon + pro_fi Server: SnD HC, around 11:00 am GMT Cheat: Wallhack + No recoil GUID: dungeon: fbaad9f9 pro_fi: 649b8680
  2. Marlboro's config!

    This is one of the better configs out there, i got it from I get stable 125/250/333 fps in our hardcore server, and in promod in never drops even 1 fps. There will be some things you'd like to adjust, and, there are no filmtweaks bound. Hope you like it...
  3. player 'cichy'??

    There is this guy name cichy, who plays quite often on WM hc. He always uses the same class, which contains 3 x frag perk. I asked Alex to kick for me, instead Alex looked him up and saw he had 8 warning for 3 x frag from 5 different admins. He decided to ban for for 1440 minutes This morning he...
  4. Mouse+keyboard

    I've had my current mouse and keyboard for sround 2 years now and combined costs were less than a pack of smokes. I was actually suprises about their endurance. However I am looking for both a new mouse and keyboard now, and I don't have that high of a budget (lets say 30-40€). Does anyone have...
  5. CFG?

    Hi there, Does someone have like a great computer that already has stable fps. If so, do you have your config for me? or just a random good config, i think it's time for a change :D
  6. Runescape

    Do any of you guys play runescape, if so, do you play oldschool or rs3? add me if you want; El picu. :D
  7. end of trial

    Hi all, I believe this is my last day in the WM trial, and i just want to let all of you know that, whatever the outcome may be, i enjoyed every single second playing with you guys. I'll continue playing on the server and you won't be able to get rid of me :ph34r: . I hope for a possitive...
  8. Graphics settings

    hi guys, i noticed lately my computer can handle alot, graphics wise. If any of you know a few, or 1 command for the console to improve them, or post a picture of your settings that'd be great! :D Marlboro
  9. Hey all :)

    Hiii, I'm Marlboro, my real name is Niels. I am 18 years old and I'm from the Netherlands, I started playing CoD 4 around 4-5 years ago, eventhough i quit after my second year for around 18 months, after that i tried it again and became a bit of an addidt ;) . My average in-game time a day is...