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  1. SkandalisT

    Help: Recover broken files

    Sup folks, I could use some help from those, who still visit our site. My friend just fucked up a giant ammount of important MS Office files(careless bitch) and I need to get them back. I digged to the deepest butthole of google search - far more than 4th page and couldn't find anything, that...
  2. SkandalisT

    Idea for betting.

    One day ago me and 2 my friends spontaneously made a bet: Who get's married first lose and must... And we figured out few really weird ideas. :) For example. idea, where 2 winning friends make plaster cast on their dicks, then gift it to the lost one and he have to store them in his room for a...
  3. SkandalisT

    Military parade in Moscow

    I know, that this days in trend counter-russian moods, but I post here this not because of politics, nor propaganda. Almost every past year some people in x-fire asked me to link them some videos from Red Square parade, because of interest and curiosity. So I decided to post this here also...
  4. SkandalisT

    intellectual and intelligent spam

    I don't really think, spam can be itellegent. but who knows, so many things we don't know about this world. Sometimes Spam can be the best option - the only option availible. As a wise man said "Spam et latina non penis conina est!"
  5. SkandalisT

    Michal! Happy birthday

    Happy birthday, Michal. I'm wishing you hard boner in the morning till you die. And I wish you to die after 100 years from the orgasm with beloved woman
  6. SkandalisT

    Important pool.

    Making statistics.
  7. SkandalisT

    funny pcts

    why the fuck no such thread here? Post any funny picture you can find!
  8. SkandalisT

    Reasons why cs go suck dicks. :P

    I cannot enjoy this game and, as always, when I have issue, I tryed to figured out reasons and ways to fix it. And the more I analysed own feeligs, the more I understoond, that I just not just dont like some aspects of the game, I basicly does not like it at all. Here is a few reasons for me to...
  9. SkandalisT

    "Good and Bad" game.

    Alright, I learnt few days ago on oratory courses a nice training-game to enhance your creativity thinking. Rules: Some person makes a statement: "I like to ride bycicles" Next person have to tell, that the statment is GOOD, because... And give another statment as an example. "...Because that...
  10. SkandalisT

    Move along.

    Majority of WM swat4 section knows me good enough, some are even too good, that's why I wont write an esay. For the rest, who cares ofc, you need to know only one thing: I am absolutelly fine with gays, fetishists and perverts. I mean, I am straight, but I tolerate faggots of any kind. EmoPig...
  11. SkandalisT

    performance issues. mb some1 know wtf?

    Hey, ppl! :) I got some sht with game and i dunno thats is ze problem... Nothing terrible but my game dont wanna work on ultra on my gut pc. :D Actually it work... but 1st 10 minuts, after this it start lag like addict under mescaline. Some of my friends told, that problem in game optimization...
  12. SkandalisT


    I accidentally remembered about WM, and thought wtf not to say hello. I hope u guys stay a bit more active in swat 4 comunity at least before bf3 or new CoD came. I rly miss old days when 1.1 WM server was full. thats all :lol: