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  1. EmoPig

    RESOLVED I got banned unfairly

    Hey mate. I checked our banlist and your IP isn't there, so the problem lays somewhere else. I restarted our server, try to reconnect, maybe you weren't banned and it was just a connection error. Also, are you using VPN, or do you really live in USA? I'm asking because most of us are from...
  2. EmoPig

    REJECTED i want to apply

    Hey mate! Unfortunately I must deny your application, because your age does not fit our requirements. As you can see in this topic (, all our potential recruits must be over 16 years old. Feel free to spend your time with us...
  3. EmoPig


    Hey mate! Nice to see you here! Feel free to join our Discord, if you want to keep in touch with us >
  4. EmoPig

    Happy birthday Pain!

    Happy birthday brate!
  5. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Swed!!!

  6. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Rugi!

  7. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Bane!!!

    Yeeeeeeeah, boiiiiiiiiieeeee!
  8. EmoPig

    Summer Cleanup 2017

    Kiehs, you can't go AWOL for 2 years then come back and expect everything to be the same. As you can see in Linux's message, this was "signed" by everyone who's part of WM's leadership and ACTIVE, after we gathered and discussed this matter. If we want WM to survive, we need active leaders...
  9. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Skin-God

    Happy birthday bruder!
  10. EmoPig

    I just came to say Hello

    Hey man! It's great to see old WM's coming back! As Linux said, it would be perfect if you could join our Discord server, so we can get to know each other better.
  11. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Fox!

  12. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Gumias!

    Happy birthday m8y!!!
  13. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  14. EmoPig


    Herzlich willkommen!
  15. EmoPig


    Hey man. Make yourself at home! See you around and good luck with the poll! :)
  16. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday EmoPig!

    Nais tuke phral!
  17. EmoPig

    RETIRED Hey!

    Hola muchacho! I'll open a poll regarding your application and we'll let you know when it's done. See ya' on Discord!
  18. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Pain

  19. EmoPig

    Happy Birthday Pain

    Happy Birthday m8y!!! My gift for you is a business card!
  20. EmoPig

    REJECTED Lt. Galol

    Hey mate! I don't play CS:GO, but I want to let you know that today, we will open a poll regarding your membership. Best of luck and stick around! :)