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  1. I just came to say Hello

    Greetings ;) I wasn't here a bit of time. Just a few years. But I hope some of You remember me. I was playing SWAT 4, long time ago with You. After that i was playing csgo. Now I'm not playing a lot. My old nickname was zZz. I was a kid when i started to play with You and You accepted me. Now...
  2. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Have somebody xbox 360 and bf3 (live gold too)?
  3. Counter Strike 1.6

    Hi people. I asked KrazyFire about CS 1.6 sektion and he said that is not Problem then... I ask u guys, who can be on this sektion? (i think about COD mod cause this is pretty nice mod and on this mod are wars like in normal game (but here is rly better cause is funny :D)) Like i said to KF...
  4. Bug User

    Hi gays, today i want show u Bug User... i told him 3 times "pls dont bugging" and he still did it then i made ss's i know that bugging isnt like cheating (for ban) but this is not fairplay and this is...
  5. Swat 4 1.0

    Hi, have somebody link for 1.0 or somethink? (in internet nabs dont write what is the version) Or if somebody would can upload 1.0 version (whatever host) (and the best will be version with pl language but this is not need ;p) I know im nab but i cant find it... i saw mooooore swat 4 links but...
  6. Look xd

    I find not bad site ;) u can add photos and this site will do movie, but i havent ur photos gays then u must do it alone xd. Click Here Gay
  7. Timeout and Full server

    Hi, I wrote once that the server kicking me when changing maps. Playing on the ESA server, I noticed that their members have a password (not admin) to enter the server when it is full, etc. I thought it was not so bad. Why not introduce such a thing on our server? (Because after the timeout I...
  8. SMAC is crashed or something

    Hello, SMAC has crash or something else, but i had today message (in server) that i have NO-RECOIL (i didnt have), 2 m later one man get BAN for the same (SMAC). And this gay didnt have No-Recoil. SMAC is crazy like KF. Do something about it pls ^^ @down Thanks x>