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    Guess who will post next

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    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    I am glad to announce that you have passed our final poll and you are now officialy a WM member! Congratulations broski, you've earned it! P.S. - Make yourself at home on our dark private section! :PepeEvil:
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    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    Congratulations mate! You have passed the poll for trial membership. Today we'll open a new poll, the final one, for full membership. It will end in 14 days, more exactly on 27 March. From now on until 27 March, you can wear our trial tag, which is: |wm| (lowercase). I wish you luck in the...
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    RoN - Questions for veterans of PvP on what they'd like to see in RoN!

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 1: What game modes would you like to see and what game modes do you think are still...
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    ACCEPTED Yo broskis

    Finally! We already spoke on Discord about this, so there's nothing much to say here except to wish you good luck and to let everyone know that imo, you're WM material! We'll open up a poll regarding your trial membership and we'll let you know here (or on Discord) when it ends, then we'll...
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    The Last Poster Wins !

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    The Last Poster Wins !

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    The Last Poster Wins !

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    The Last Poster Wins !

    Zip the lip!
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    CoD4 Section (or any other CoD version)

    Hahahahahaha, nigga what are you smoking, I want some aswell! Are you talking about that SSD that you never sent? If you do, then let me refresh your memory. You replied in a topic made by some guy that said his HDD died and you told him you can send him a SSD, after a while he replied back and...
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    CoD4 Section (or any other CoD version)

    Sure, play the victim card.
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    CoD4 Section (or any other CoD version)

    Uga, you've always been a dumb motherfucker, but this time you're going at it so hard, that it looks like you're trying to win the Dumb Motherfucker of the Year award. You can slow down, we're not having any more award ceremonies until December. How hard could have been to hold a dialogue like...
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    CoD4 Section (or any other CoD version)

    I disagree with sharing the dedicated server. There are tons of exploits in CoD aswell, just like there are in SWAT, and BadTime is already busy trying to secure & improve our SWAT server, let alone handle a different game. As for sharing the costs of the machine, imo that's a bad idea. I know...
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    Happy Birthday Linux!!!

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    RESOLVED I got banned

    Hey mate! First of all, nice to see that you're still around! It was me that banned your son (you can understand why). I will unban your IP in a minute. Feel free to join our Discord channel, we can keep in touch there > L.E. - I removed the ban. Let me know if...
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    The Last Poster Wins !

    Of this. The end.
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    Happy birthday krazyfire

    Hey Jetty! Long time man! How are you doing? And Happy Birthday KF m8y!!!
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    WM New Year Memberlist Update 2019

    Elevations: Svetlana - SWAT4 A Relegations: SabbatH - Honorary Member (long term inactivity) Euskadi - Retired Member (long term inactivity) IcemanKiller666 - Retired Member (long term inactivity) James_Bond - Retired Member (long term inactivity) MagnetO - Retired Member (long term...
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    Yo folks

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    WM Awards 2018