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  1. KrazyFire

    Happy Birthday Linux!!!

    Happy birthday padre
  2. KrazyFire

    RESOLVED I got banned

    Hey da, Hope you are well everything ok with life?
  3. KrazyFire

    Happy birthday krazyfire

    Thanks <3
  4. KrazyFire

    Story Spam Game

    Suck my dick bitch
  5. KrazyFire

    WM New Year Memberlist Update 2019

    congrats all
  6. KrazyFire

    REJECTED Join To World Mafia

    Unlucky mate :(
  7. KrazyFire

    Yo folks

    Yo bro
  8. KrazyFire

    REJECTED Join To World Mafia

    Hey mate Good luck have fun
  9. KrazyFire

    Hello World......Mafia

    Hey Long time m8 Hope you are doing fine ;)
  10. KrazyFire

    I just came to say Hello

    who are you again? :D
  11. KrazyFire


  12. KrazyFire

    Its semi fixed :D

    Permissions and more editing left :)
  13. KrazyFire

    where the hell has the shoutbox gone?!??

    fixed :)
  14. KrazyFire

    Its semi fixed :D

    This is a motherfucking website. And it's fucking perfect. Seriously, what the fuck else do you want? You probably build websites and think your shit is special. You think your 13 megabyte parallax-ative home page is going to get you some fucking Awwward banner you can glue to the top corner of...
  15. KrazyFire

    Guess who will post next

    your gay m8 :D Pig oink u coming to be gay too?
  16. KrazyFire

    Guess who will post next

    not me? bane is next
  17. KrazyFire


    hahah :D cyka bylat
  18. KrazyFire

    2015 SWAT GAME!

    You can download the game again in other page on zugi push me is libk
  19. KrazyFire

    Working out / weight gain / Weight loss / Training

    oh oh btw I'm now 175cm :F