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  1. Hell_Angel

    CS:GO Squad manager Promotion.

    Congratulations Bro! GL
  2. Hell_Angel

    Lewis Baker has today joined Championship side Sheffield Wednesday on loan until May 2. Ze Best :D
  3. Hell_Angel

    Hey Hell_Angel is here!

    tnx all for the warming welcome :)
  4. Hell_Angel

    Hey Hell_Angel is here!

    Hi Iam 24 years old, Iam from Israel, play swat 2 long time, for me swat is died(even I still play).. Iam play also LeagueOfLeagnds, so I try find new games waste my time.. I been in many clans MBP,GL,KL,B2D,ReFLeX,vRs,AiR,again KL and probaly in more 1-2 clans sry for the clans I forgot( I cant...