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  1. I just came to say Hello

    Ofc i do :D
  2. I just came to say Hello

    Gimme few days, ill get a laptop and ill be able to play and talk ;)
  3. I just came to say Hello

    Greetings ;) I wasn't here a bit of time. Just a few years. But I hope some of You remember me. I was playing SWAT 4, long time ago with You. After that i was playing csgo. Now I'm not playing a lot. My old nickname was zZz. I was a kid when i started to play with You and You accepted me. Now...
  4. Xbox 360 + BF3

    I dont like pad on ps3, on xbox is more comfortable. PC is better by 2 points. 1. Graphic 2. More players (and more flags on conquest in bf3)
  5. EUROCUP 2012!

    Germany - sucks year Spain - i dont think so Italy - noo way Poland - It would be surprise Holland - Why not Spam - Thats it!
  6. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Go away gay! x> U are just scared about ur fake nails! ;P
  7. Xbox 360 + BF3

    then why tf u are talking about softair when we speak about paintball? x>
  8. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Exactly. x> First time always hurts :P
  9. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Better dont sit in da house, and come guys do a paintball event x>
  10. Xbox 360 + BF3

    its not true dg, on xbox is harder (there isnt auto aim like many pc gamers think)
  11. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Darth, trink something, without % u are saying bullshit :P
  12. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Got it. Cya.
  13. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Spam! x>
  14. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Have somebody xbox 360 and bf3 (live gold too)?
  15. Funny Videos II

    Zajebiste do?rodkowanie - reprezentacja Francji - video w Sport w
  16. Funny Videos II

    Amerykanie bawi
  17. Funny Videos II
  18. Counter Strike 1.6

    Topic To Close, My Ass To Kick. I'm Not Playing SWAT 4. Like Said Thomas, I'm Passive.
  19. Counter Strike 1.6

    I thought the same like u Xavii. But after 2 days it was good. After 2 weeks its rly good and graphic + weird maps are not problem cause i know 90% old maps and some new maps.
  20. Counter Strike 1.6

    But DG, if noone will play then this is just spam and Offtopic... :/