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    i wanto to apply

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    REJECTED I want to apply :)

    Hey again PIPE. I am here to inform you that you haven't gathered enough positive votes for us to give you a trialship. You are free to try again at any time. See you around.
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    |WM| SWAT 4 VIP Server crashes

    Hi. You can contact us on Discord ( in future, personally I use it more than Steam anyway. The server did not crash in the past days, the "crashes" you mentioned were maintenance resets due to some settings being messed up - the host is pure garbage. The person who did...
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    REJECTED Joining request

    I am sorry to notify you that you have failed to gather enough votes for our trialship. You are free to apply again anytime. Cheers
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    Hello World......Mafia

    Hey hey! Yeah we are still alive and kicking! Glad to see you coming back to game ;) However, I have to inform you that you lost the membership some 6 years ago due to inactivity, based on this topic that KF made (Feb 28, 2012). We can ask KF about more details if he remembers. But, since you...
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    REJECTED Joining request

    Hi and welcome. A poll will be opened to decide whether to accept you as trial. We will notify you when the votes are gathered. Cheers.
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    Memberlist update for summer 2018

    Management changes: United all management sections into one. Charfire - Temporarily removed due to inactive period (SA position retained) Michal - Stepped down from the position (SA position retained) Xavii - Temporarily removed due to inactive period (SA position retained) Elevations...
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    REJECTED Hello

    Hey again. Your registration IP on the website matches the IP of the cheater we banned on the server (DeathWaves47). Also your Discord account had accounts linked with same name but we wanted to double-check just to be sure. Needless to say, we are not accepting cheaters so we won't process the...
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    REJECTED Hello

    Hello and welcome to our forums! I don't remember that nickname in SWAT, have you maybe used other names? In any case, feel free to join our Discord server because we usually arrange games there. Also you can easily keep track of our members there and buzz if any help is needed. @bravo is also...
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    Please unban me...

    As far as I see, it was a temporary ban which expired anyway.
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    Happy birthday Pain!

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    Happy Birthday Swed!!!

    Happy birthday BRRRO
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    WM AWARDS 2017

    Gay of the Year 2017 EmoPig There is not much to say, he worked hard for this title over the past year. Meme of the Year 2017 "Calm bros..." A memorable masterpiece created by 4life. Video of the Year 2017 "WTF I can't nade" & "Payment". "WTF I can't nade" clipped by Zugi...
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    PAPA is back

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    Happy Birthday Rugi!

    Congrats Rieser, Leif would be proud.
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    Summer Cleanup 2017

    It is antispam working bad, we should consider removing it.
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    Happy Birthday Bane!!!

    Happy birthday brate
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    Happy birthday Titinho!

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    Summer Cleanup 2017

    Short summary: Since the long inactivity of the CoD 4 section, it is now frozen until further notice. All members who were ONLY in the CoD 4 group were placed to the Temporary Membership group and will keep their membership for the CS:GO/SWAT 4 section(s) only if they REPLY TO THIS POST (or...
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    Happy Birthday Skin-God