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    The Last Poster Wins !

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    Happy birthday krazyfire

    happy birthday :PepeCool:
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    The Last Poster Wins !

    where is my money?
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    Happy Birthday EmoPig!

    happy birthday piggi
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    Happy Birthday Pain

    Thank you guys :D Specially pig for my new avatar
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    Happy Birthday Bizon!!! (SwedishThreesome)

    Happy Birthday!:D
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    Happy Birthday SoH Hetmun!!!

    Happy Birthday BRO! :)
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    Happy Birthday 4!

    Happy Birthday :)
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    Hello from me

    Yo Bravo! Yeah long time, thanks :) Cya on server
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    MEMBERSHIP REVOKED SwedishThreesome

    Welcome man, nice to see you here :) Good luck :D
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    Hellooooo kids

    Hey Joky, nice to see you :)
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    Heyos :)

    Thanks all :)
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    Heyos :)

    My steam: add me cause i can't add anyone yet :D
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    ACCEPTED Apply :)

    Alright, thanks :)
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    ACCEPTED Apply :)

    What is your in-game name → AlexisTexas Which games do you play → Swat 4 mostly What is your Location → Serbia What is your age → 18 What is your Steam Community Name → Do you have TeamSpeak 3 → No Do you have a Microphone → Yes How long do you play...