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  1. I just came to say Hello

    Ofc i do :D
  2. I just came to say Hello

    Gimme few days, ill get a laptop and ill be able to play and talk ;)
  3. I just came to say Hello

    Greetings ;) I wasn't here a bit of time. Just a few years. But I hope some of You remember me. I was playing SWAT 4, long time ago with You. After that i was playing csgo. Now I'm not playing a lot. My old nickname was zZz. I was a kid when i started to play with You and You accepted me. Now...
  4. Xbox 360 + BF3

    I dont like pad on ps3, on xbox is more comfortable. PC is better by 2 points. 1. Graphic 2. More players (and more flags on conquest in bf3)
  5. EUROCUP 2012!

    Germany - sucks year Spain - i dont think so Italy - noo way Poland - It would be surprise Holland - Why not Spam - Thats it!
  6. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Go away gay! x> U are just scared about ur fake nails! ;P
  7. Xbox 360 + BF3

    then why tf u are talking about softair when we speak about paintball? x>
  8. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Exactly. x> First time always hurts :P
  9. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Better dont sit in da house, and come guys do a paintball event x>
  10. Xbox 360 + BF3

    its not true dg, on xbox is harder (there isnt auto aim like many pc gamers think)
  11. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Darth, trink something, without % u are saying bullshit :P
  12. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Got it. Cya.
  13. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Spam! x>
  14. Xbox 360 + BF3

    Have somebody xbox 360 and bf3 (live gold too)?
  15. Funny Videos II

    Zajebiste do?rodkowanie - reprezentacja Francji - video w Sport w