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Posted by Xavii - Jan 02 2015 12:08 PM

|WM| is and will always be a SWAT4 clan, even after we all die and our grandchildren rule the clan.


Some of our legends have suggested in our Facebook private group to play a Swat game sometime soon, to gather ourselves together once again and remember old times. Everybody will agree this is a great idea and I hope a lot of us want to take part of it.


I step up to try to arrange this game meeting, I think someone has to organise it personally, because if we leave it open to discussion there will be a lot of talking but it will never be set to a date and time.


I suggest to play it the last weekend of january, so there is plenty of time to set up a good server for it, to inform and get everybody to know about it, to download and install the game in case of people who currently dont have it and to be able to reserve the evening for this.


Sunday evening around 18:00 and 20:00 CET has been the best time for WM the 99% of the times we have arranged wars, games, meetings or whatever. However, once a majority agress on playing the last weekend of january (Friday 30th to Sunday 1st of february), I will set up a poll to see which day and hour is the best for most of us.


Of course there will be a lot of people, who will not be able to join, who will join a bit later or who will leave a bit earlier. But it will be a success if we reach to play SWAT again for 2 hours with a minium of 12 players in server.


Share your opinions and suggestions, everything is open to changes, discussion and improvements.


Here are the provisional game details:

Date: Sunday 1st of february

Time: 19:00 CET (Berlin time)

Game version: 1.1
Server IP:  Push me.
Password: -
Players allowed to participate: Any WM member, active or inactive, legend or retired.
Game mod: VIP

Teamspeak: WM (must)
Players signed up so far:

- Xavii
- Hunter
- Krazyfire
- Linux
- Zugi
- Skandalist

- Durden

- Pistolero
- Filix78

- Keyes

- Bane
- Iceman

- Nagi

- MissVampire

- Freddy

- Euskadi

- Gumias

- Fox

- Ben

- Titinho
- Emopig
- Sniver
- You? :)



I can't think of a better way of starting 2015 for WM. Let's make it happen.

Sincerely yours,

Posted by Xavii - Jan 26 2015 10:54 AM

World Mafia is glad to inform to all its members and unconditional fans that Linux is promoted to CS:GO squad manager.

Actually we have not asked him if we wants to take this new responsability, because we do know he wants and mainly because he's slave.


As Squad manager, he will be in charge of checking CS:GO members game and forum activity in order to suggest promotions, demotions changes and to deal with occasional problems. He will have to guide new members during their trial time and first weeks of membership and will also be in charge of recruiting potential new members.


Basically, he will be the glove of Emopig's right hand, Keyes.


Enjoy and work hard.


Sincerely yours,

Posted by Xavii - Jan 04 2015 02:57 PM

New year, new promotions! congratulations and thanks for your work in this community.
- Freddy -> High Admin
- MissVampire -> High Admin
- Bane -> High Admin
- Linux -> High Admin
- UFO -> High Admin
- Jimas -> Legend
- DixL -> Retired
- Ben -> Retired
- Howlin -> Retired
- Rocknrolla -> Retired
- Bean -> Legend
- Euskadi -> Legend
- Filix78 -> Legend
- Silver -> Legend
- Villa -> Retired
- Casper -> Legend

- Kibbles -> Kicked
- Obito -> Kicked
- Vens -> Kicked
- Toothy -> Kicked
- Dr.Zap -> Kicked
- Goku -> Kicked
- Johan -> Member
- Naddan -> Suspended*
- Snow -> Suspended*
- STasEK -> Suspended*
*Suspended = waiting for news of their inactivity after the merge.

Posted by KrazyFire - Dec 25 2014 01:15 AM

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year on behalf of the whole World Mafia clan :)

I'd personally like to thank each and everyone who has contributed with great depth into the clan and helped us along the away improving the clan. Our adaptation to new things has been pretty crazy into CSGO even if I wasn't here as much as I could due to my new lifestyle :)

Stay cool my friends and let's work together, actively making this place even better for 2015!

Posted by KrazyFire - Dec 31 2013 06:03 PM

Just a few days ago 28th Decemeber was World Mafia's 7th Birthday... We have reached a long 7 years and hopefully more to come and i wish everyone a Happy New Year on behalf of World Mafia.


Lets get to business in awards.


Lets start off with the call of duty 4 Section


1. Most Useless Player in COD4 for WM -> This was a close battle with Jetsonray who was competting to retain his titleits - UGA (8 votes [34.78%])


2. Most Valuable Player in COD4 for WM -> For being the Most Active Admin and dealing with new members - Alex<3 (10 votes [43.48%]) 


3​. Biggest skill boost in COD4 Playing wars regurarly and playing HC he has gained valuable skill ingame  -> Ghost (12 votes [52.17%]) 


4. Cheater of the year award in cod4 - Our very own clan member who was banned by Me and who cheated ceee's heart with ryu its

Kibbles (12 votes [52.17%] 


Thats wraps it up for call of duty section now on to SWAT4 

1. Biggest skill boost in SWAT4 - For his performance in game and his high ping its out prince of persia -> Ben (6 votes [ 50.00%])

Most Useless Player in SWAT4 (non WM-member) -  For his constant complaining ingame its -> |MYT|Maszo (10 votes [ 58.33%])


3. Most Useless Player in SWAT4 for WM  For his activity in clan and in forum we present the awards to :D -> Ash (8 votes each [66.67%] 


4. Most Valuable Player in SWAT4 (non WM-member)  -> Put a lot of effort in the community with his posts in community blog and for his credit as UAC Tournament Admin - Mig (5 votes [41.67%]) 

5. Most Valuable Player in SWAT4 for WM - This is was a draw a tough fight between the our newest member and our oldest big ass in Game With sharing 5 votes each its Sabbath and RugiZugi (5 votes [41.67%]) ->

6. Most noobish clan in swat4 - The clan that trolled the whole community in the ESA Tournament who constantly under preformed and the ones with "best individual players in SWAT 4" ©(Sonny) its -> Pro Gaming [PG] (8 votes [66.67%]) 


7. Most valuable clan in swat4 - This year another 2 clans one this award its the 1.1 old timers. MYT for there active servers and contribution into the community keeping it alive. ESA who organised the ViP Tournament this year. Both deserve the award. Without these clans SWAT 4 would be not so strong today without them. -> [||ESA||] and |MYT| (4 votes each [40.00%]) ->


8. Cheater of the year award in swat4 - with his great selfbust and photoshopping skills its one hard heart its  ->Stonecold (6 votes [50.00%])


And for our favourite awards its the community awards

1.Spammer of the year 2013 in WM - Jetsonray(11 votes [42.07%]) -> Winning the award again after 2 years its our very own spam lord Jetsonray


2. Gay of the year 2013 in WM - We dont just have 1 gay this year winning the award we have found the perfect couple together its our previous winner of 2011 and our old member who has changed his ways its our CoD 4 players Jetsonray and SounD  with (10 votes each [34.48%]) 


3. Troll of the years 2013 - With his constant bullshiting and bragging we introduced a new award this year just for him with out any doubt the winner is our old Member - Sonny -> (26 votes [88.87%])


4. Most Useless Player for WM - Our old Call of Duty team leader and biggest gay its the nade alot -> Casper 


5. Most Valuable Player for WM - Our War Arranger our SWAT 4 Leader without him World Mafia SWAT side would not succeed its ->Sabbath 


Without you the players this would not be possible thanks to everyone who voted and stay within our small community.

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