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Posted by TheHunter159 - Mar 27 2015 11:06 PM


World Mafia brings you a new kind of tournament, a 2v2 pistol-only on your favorite maps!

What are the rules?

The only gear that is allowed to be used:
-Kevlar & helmet
-Defuse kit
-Any grenades

Basically these 3 sections:


-No cheating or hacking in any way
-No cursing, respect your opponents
-No name calling such as "noobs" "retards" "silvers" etc...
-It's recommended to have at least 1 player from a team record a POV video in case anything goes wrong
-If a player accidentally buys a weapon that is not allowed (SMG or AK47/M4 for example), he must drop it at spawn and leave it there, no one is allowed to pick it up, the economy damage to his team is his own fault.
-If any player doesn't show up for 10 minutes after the match started, he and his friend are out of the tournament and the other team gets a default win.
-If 1 player from BOTH of the teams aren't showing up, BOTH teams are out of the tournament.
-You're not allowed to move to the opposing team and cause them damage of any kind.
-If you're playing, do not move to spectate to get information.

-No standing on an invisible ground

By signing up you're agreeing to all of the rules that were written above.
Rules may change, so keep an eye at the bottom of this topic.

How will money work?

-On the first round of the half you'll have 800$

-Killing an enemy grants you 150$

-Defusing or planting grants you 100$

-Winning a round grants you 1300$

-Losing a round grants you 800$

-Each round you continue losing you get extra 500$

Yes, that means losing the 2nd round gives you the same money as the winning team, and the 3rd lose- gives you 500$ more than the winning team, and so on, this is because the halves are very short and every round is crucial.

That also means that a weaker team gets the economy advantage after losing 3 rounds in a row.

How will rounds work?

There will be a total of 20 rounds per map, 10 on each side, first team to get to 11 round wins- wins the map.

A round is only 1 minute long and the bomb ticks for only 35 seconds.

In case of a 10-10 score there will be a 6 rounds over time, 3 rounds on each side, you get 4000$ at the start of the overtime and it's 2nd half.

A knife round will be played to decide which team starts on which side.

Each map shouldn't last longer than 30 minutes.


Teams will be playing a knock-out style which means that the losing team is out of the tournament.

Map pool will be:

1. Train
2. Dust 2
3. Nuke
4. Mirage
5. Inferno
6. Cache
7. Overpass
8. Cobblestone
We'll be using to randomize the map.
And to randomize the team we'll be using this site:
All games will be Best of 1 with random maps (using for each 2 teams individually) except the grand-final.
The last 2 teams will play Best of 3 against each other, each team will pick a map and the 3rd map (if needed) will be overpass, cobblestone or train

*Train the the new de_train

How to sign up? + more info

In the topic write:

Team name:
Player1: nickname + steam ID + steam community link
Player2: nickname + steam ID + steam community link

- No duplicate team or player names.

You may only sign up until April 10th

When signing up ends, a new topic will be created in order to show you on what map you'll be playing and against whom.

The games will take place at our World Mafia server running 128 ticks at Saturday April 11th in the evening

The server will be located at Europe .
Any uneven number of teams at the end of the sign up will lead to the latest team being forced to leave, to make the teams even.

We expect up to 16 teams. We all know how hungry CS:GO players are for skins, so we've got you a nice combination of stuff, each player of the winning team gets:
Feel free to ask any question you've got.

Rounds were changed!
First team to get to 11 round wins- wins the map.
Playing 10 rounds on each side (20 rounds total) a knife round will be played to decide on which side a team starts.
Overtime stays 3 rounds on each side.

You can join as a team or alone (and be assigned with another lone player).
You can also invite players from outside of WM to play with you.
Players & teams that are currently in:

- |WM| Skandalist + |WM| Bane
- |WM| TheHunter159
- |WM| Durden
- |WM| Stoner
- |WM| Keyes + |WM| Zugi (Both pending)
- |WM| KrazyFire
- |WM| Punisher

You may sign up until Saturday April 11th, games will be played at that evening.

Posted by Xavii - Jan 02 2015 12:08 PM

|WM| is and will always be a SWAT4 clan, even after we all die and our grandchildren rule the clan.


Some of our legends have suggested in our Facebook private group to play a Swat game sometime soon, to gather ourselves together once again and remember old times. Everybody will agree this is a great idea and I hope a lot of us want to take part of it.


I step up to try to arrange this game meeting, I think someone has to organise it personally, because if we leave it open to discussion there will be a lot of talking but it will never be set to a date and time.


I suggest to play it the last weekend of january, so there is plenty of time to set up a good server for it, to inform and get everybody to know about it, to download and install the game in case of people who currently dont have it and to be able to reserve the evening for this.


Sunday evening around 18:00 and 20:00 CET has been the best time for WM the 99% of the times we have arranged wars, games, meetings or whatever. However, once a majority agress on playing the last weekend of january (Friday 30th to Sunday 1st of february), I will set up a poll to see which day and hour is the best for most of us.


Of course there will be a lot of people, who will not be able to join, who will join a bit later or who will leave a bit earlier. But it will be a success if we reach to play SWAT again for 2 hours with a minium of 12 players in server.


Share your opinions and suggestions, everything is open to changes, discussion and improvements.


Here are the provisional game details:

Date: Sunday 1st of february

Time: 19:00 CET (Berlin time)

Game version: 1.1
Server IP:  Push me.
Password: -
Players allowed to participate: Any WM member, active or inactive, legend or retired.
Game mod: VIP

Teamspeak: WM (must)
Players signed up so far:

- Xavii
- Hunter
- Krazyfire
- Linux
- Zugi
- Skandalist

- Durden

- Pistolero
- Filix78

- Keyes

- Bane
- Iceman

- Nagi

- MissVampire

- Freddy

- Euskadi

- Gumias

- Fox

- Ben

- Titinho
- Emopig
- Sniver
- You? :)



I can't think of a better way of starting 2015 for WM. Let's make it happen.

Sincerely yours,

Posted by Xavii - Jan 26 2015 10:54 AM

World Mafia is glad to inform to all its members and unconditional fans that Linux is promoted to CS:GO squad manager.

Actually we have not asked him if we wants to take this new responsability, because we do know he wants and mainly because he's slave.


As Squad manager, he will be in charge of checking CS:GO members game and forum activity in order to suggest promotions, demotions changes and to deal with occasional problems. He will have to guide new members during their trial time and first weeks of membership and will also be in charge of recruiting potential new members.


Basically, he will be the glove of Emopig's right hand, Keyes.


Enjoy and work hard.


Sincerely yours,

Posted by Xavii - Jan 04 2015 02:57 PM

New year, new promotions! congratulations and thanks for your work in this community.
- Freddy -> High Admin
- MissVampire -> High Admin
- Bane -> High Admin
- Linux -> High Admin
- UFO -> High Admin
- Jimas -> Legend
- DixL -> Retired
- Ben -> Retired
- Howlin -> Retired
- Rocknrolla -> Retired
- Bean -> Legend
- Euskadi -> Legend
- Filix78 -> Legend
- Silver -> Legend
- Villa -> Retired
- Casper -> Legend

- Kibbles -> Kicked
- Obito -> Kicked
- Vens -> Kicked
- Toothy -> Kicked
- Dr.Zap -> Kicked
- Goku -> Kicked
- Johan -> Member
- Naddan -> Suspended*
- Snow -> Suspended*
- STasEK -> Suspended*
*Suspended = waiting for news of their inactivity after the merge.

Posted by KrazyFire - Dec 25 2014 01:15 AM

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year on behalf of the whole World Mafia clan :)

I'd personally like to thank each and everyone who has contributed with great depth into the clan and helped us along the away improving the clan. Our adaptation to new things has been pretty crazy into CSGO even if I wasn't here as much as I could due to my new lifestyle :)

Stay cool my friends and let's work together, actively making this place even better for 2015!

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