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    El Pistolero - Apr 15 2014 09:01 AM

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Posted by Charfire - Mar 03 2014 02:54 PM

Hey guys, 


It is to my great pleasure to announce the results of the Swat4 Global awards which took place at Swat4Newsand with nominations such as 'greatest clan/ team in the history of Swat4' and 'greatest clan ever in terms of their public server quality', we were able to emerge victorious with 27 votes(33%) in the both categories, in the first nomination |»Delta«| was in second place with 24 votes (29%) and last but not least old |MYT| with 15 votes (18%). And in the second nomination saw |MYT| take second place with also 24 votes (29%) and finally ||ESA|| taking third place with 13 votes (16%)


I really want to thank all active WM swat players for keeping this community alive and also the people who voted that WM can be seen as the most consistent and successful clan in terms of competitive gaming!


Last shout out to the Swat side Leaders:

-Sabbath, Who arranged every war to keep the competitive side of WM intact

-Michal, the egoistic and arrogant polak :P but still contributed to win many wars for WM

-Krazy, the WM leader who killed the most vip in wars :P

-Xavi, who done nothing as leader :P

Posted by Michal - Feb 26 2014 08:00 PM

EmoPig have been promoted to team leader of Counterstrike GO section. Since today he is charge of recruitment, tranings, clan matchs, potential stuff relevant with ESL. Congratulations I hope rest will share enthusiasm of Emo with bulding new section.

Posted by KrazyFire - Dec 08 2013 11:02 PM

World Mafia End of Year Christmas Demotions

Before we can promote anyone we need to make space :D

SBSP -----> Legend

noSkillzz------> Legend

Horny/murc-------> Legend

Diabolik -------> Legend

Dais--------> Legend

comgen-------> Legend

titinho----- Retired

Thomas---- Retired

Hell ----- Retired

Geo -----Retired

Filix78 -----> SA

Silver ------> SA


nickj ---- kick

live1 ----- Kick

Dahaka ----- Kick

Posted by Warlord - Jan 11 2014 07:45 PM

Hey everyone. So as the title says WM could be the host of a new CoD 4 cup. Created by me and hosted by WM. This have the potential to go big and its an opportuniity, we as a community would be very wise in grabbing.
I have spoken to a few people and there are already several CG (Cybergamer) and LAN teams who are willing to play.
However the thing i need is funding and sponsors. Ill be taking care of the sponsor part. But i am going to need donations so we can set up for money prizes to the winning team. It wont be more than 100-200 euro so if everyone donates a little bit a long with potential players we could easily reach this goal. We hopefully only have to donate once. If im able to get some good sponsors they can help us with that in the future.
The entire thing will be run over on http://www.excello.net/ and the only thing people have to do is to sign up with their team. I will need admins who are willing and able to be present during the games and also being available if the teams got questions. Or if there are hacking claims the admins will need to look through the demos. So contact me if you are interested.
About anti cheat we got PB and GGC on our server which is enough. However ill see what i can do for increased protection.
The thing i need from WM is the approval from the leaders that i can host this under the WM name and of course if Krazyfire will allow the WM paypal to be used for the donations or im going to make my own.

Posted by Ceeee - Jan 14 2014 03:17 PM

World Mafia servers will be streamed by PBBANS


Pbbans is constantly breaking new grounds in the anti-cheat community. They've developed a trustworthy ban index and will never place a ban on the Master Ban Index without proof from confirmed server administrators.


We trust and believe PBBANS to bring more safety in our servers.


Admins working on CoD4 servers:


Krazyfire - Leader/Founder of World Mafia

Ceeee - Co-Leader
Sabbath - Co-Leader
alex<3 - Team-Leader

Bean - Higher Admin
Ice - Higher Admin
jAKOB - Higher Admin
JestonRay - Higher Admin
Jimas{GR} - Higher Admin 
RooT - Higher Admin
Ryu - Higher Admin
*sound* - Higher Admin

Warlord - Higher  Admin

Idrizi - Admin
UFO - Admin
zaR - Admin
uGa - Admin
Ghost - Admin


Full roster you can view: http://worldmafia.net/clanmembers.html


Server info


S&D HC World Mafia - IP:

Link to view on forum -> http://worldmafia.ne...4/hcserver.html


World Mafia|Promod Live 2.17 - IP:

Link to view on forum -> http://worldmafia.ne...omodserver.html


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